Imperial’s new chilled DG capacity

Producers from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry will in future have new opportunities to store special products at the dangerous goods warehouses operated by Imperial. Imperial has now put into service a separate refrigerated section at its dangerous goods warehouse in Mannheim at temperatures between 2° C and 8° C.  

This move by the logistics specialist comes in response to increasing demand from the chemical sector for chilled storage space for materials in the TRGS Class 3 (inflammable liquids) and Class 8 (corrosive) categories (TGRS = German Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances). This was preceded by considerable investment in measurement technology, structural insulation measures, as well as cooling units and ventilation systems for the permanent circulation of air to prevent any explosive air mixtures.

The quality and storage life of certain high-quality special products is maintained for longer in chilled conditions and this is particularly relevant for highly sensitive, final fields of usage. By expanding its portfolio for storing dangerous goods, Imperial is supporting Germany’s ongoing development to become the production centre for special chemicals. Imperial can set up refrigerated storage facilities with the appropriate equipment at all dangerous goods warehouses that it operates within the foreseeable future. The business location at Mannheim is one of Imperial’s largest dangerous goods warehouse sites with 43,000 pallet spaces covering an area of 27,000 square metres.

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