InterBulk to refurbish dry boxes

InterBulk has announced a refurbishment programme of its dry bulk fleet of 30ft bulk containers and supporting specialist tipping trailer fleet.

A new facility has been secured on Teeside, UK and InterBulk has already embarked on a three year container refurbishment program. During this period it is planned to refurbish 3,000 30ft boxes and a number of powder tank containers.

In addition to the aesthetic improvements, dry bulk boxes will also be targeted for key design modifications in order to improve the overall operational performance. Examples of the technical improvements to be carried out include the reinforcement of the container roof and the fitting of a stainless steel backing plate on discharge hatches.

The new facility is a joint venture between InterBulk and WH Davis and will initially be dedicated to the refurbishment of 30ft BIB containers and dry bulk tank containers, however the intention is to roll out repair and refurbishment services across InterBulk’s liquid bulk fleet before long.