TAL celebrates 5,000 tanks

TAL International recently celebrated the production of its 5,000th tank container at CIMC’s Nantong factory in China. All suppliers involved in the production process were present for the celebrations in recognition of their hard work and diligence over the past four years.

“That we continue to receive timely deliveries while maintaining the highest quality standards is a credit to all involved in the production, inspection and approval process, read a statement by TAL. “After reaching this important milestone in such a relatively short space of time we felt this should be recognised, and look forward to the continued support for many years to come.”

TAL ordered and built 3,000 tanks during 2011 and plans for a similar number throughout 2012. Its tank container fleet currently consists of a range of capacities from 21,000 ltr through to 35,000 ltr swapbodies.