Earth Monitoring for FIBCs

Newson Gale has upgraded its Earth-Rite FIBC to ensure correctly specified static dissipative (SD) or conductive materials are used in hazardous area applications involving FIBCS and other flexible or semi-rigid containers.

Type C FIBCs are commonly used to control the risk of uncontrolled static discharge when loading or unloading bulk powdered and other loose solid materials in hazardous areas. Depending on the application, the potentially explosive atmosphere where the transfer process takes place may be a combustible dust, or sometimes a dangerous hybrid atmosphere comprising dust and solvent vapours, says the company. It is always necessary to earth the FIBC prior to product transfer, however in view of the need to attach a mechanical earthing clamp to a flexible tab, many organisations prefer to use a monitoring system to take the guesswork out of this operation.

NG claims the Earth-Rite FIBC fulfils this need through safe monitoring electronics which continuously verify the containers’ resistance and satisfactory connection to earth. When these conditions are confirmed, the system provides local indication to operating personnel in the form of pulsing green multi-LEDS, along with a pair of control contacts (DPDT) which can be interlocked with the process to prevent transfer of product until a safe condition exists.