Russian rail approval for EPT

EPT Russia, the Russian office of US flexitank manufacturer Environmental Packaging Technologies, has now secured approvals from the Russian Rail Road (RZD) for movements of food grade products in its ‘Big Red’ flexitank. “As the only approved flexitank by RZD, this new certification provides EPT Russia with the necessary tool to expand its sales and service efforts to the ever growing food grade shipping market in Russia,” stated Tatiana Golovina, founder of EPT, Inc. and director general of EPT Russia. Getting such approval is a major milestone in a country where 80 percent of shipments involves Russian Rail, she added.

Meanwhile an upswing in new business has spurred expansion of EPT’s Rotterdam office to a new facility based in port of Rotterdam’s Waalhaven District. Managing director of EPT Europe BV, Peter van Schaik, stated: “Our continued success and expansion across Europe necessitated the expansion of our home base in Rotterdam. The addition of this new facility and its 4,000 tank capacity warehouse, allows EPT to provide immediate products and services to our growing customer base.” EPT Packaging Europe BV also manages the EPT European network of agents and depots spanning 12 countries with 30 sub depots including 80 certified fitters and 10 master fitters to ensure quality installation of its products.

Another addition to the EPT network is the opening of depot services in Guatemala with EPT’s partner, Euromex Logistical Internacional & Top Traders, Inc. With the opening of this new depot, EPT’s Big Red Flexitank will now be available in Guatemala to service the palm oil and latex markets.