Den Hartogh Global grows tank container fleet

Den Hartogh Global’s tank container fleet has so far grown by more than 1,000 units this year, thanks to the company’s investment programme for new units. Further fleet expansion is planned for 2013.

“We expect our tank container fleet to grow to more than 5,000 units before 2015,” Gerard van der Kroon, director of Den Hartogh Logistics’ business unit Global.

“Despite the difficult market circumstances, business volumes were promising during the first months of 2012, and the company forecasts a further increase in business for the second half of this year,” Van der Kroon tells.

Den Hartogh Global, a business unit of Den Hartogh Logistics, was founded in spring 2011 to provide logistical equipment for the international chemical industry, principally for the global transport of liquid chemical bulk products and gas in ISO tank containers.

Offices in Houston, Singapore and Dubai were opened late last year, in addition to the company’s European bases at Rozenburg in The Netherlands, and Le Havre and Marseille in France.