Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Enhances Supply Chain Efficiencies With RedPrairie Warehouse and Parcel Management Systems

Within 12 weeks, worldwide third-party logistics provider reaps benefits of enterprise Warehouse Management System hosted by RedPrairie

RedPrairie Corporation, a global supply chain and retail technology provider, aannounced today that Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is enhancing supply chain efficiencies with RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management and Parcel Management systems. Hosted by RedPrairie, Hellmann’s new warehouse management solution was operational at its Miami distribution center within 12 weeks, improving inventory control and visibility for the 3PL provider.

Founded in 1871, Hellmann is one of the world’s leading logistics providers. Striving to continually develop better, more efficient ways to do business, Hellmann chose RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management and Parcel Management systems to fuel its U.S. growth plans and to better serve its current customers. Where justified, Hellmann will implement this solution across its U.S. distribution network. By adding the parcel management solution to its implementation plans, Hellmann will be able to reduce shipping costs and further improve inventory control with the system’s centralized carrier rating, submission and shipment capabilities.

“RedPrairie’s industry experience combined with its flexible and robust solution suite made it the best choice for Hellmann,” said Harold Barboza, vice president of Contract and Logistics for Hellmann USA. “By taking advantage of RedPrairie’s pay-as-you-grow model, we were able to deliver immediate value to our customers with minimal up-front costs. Adding RedPrairie’s supply chain execution solutions to our toolbox of enabling technologies will help to ensure that we meet our U.S. growth objectives while providing the most efficient, cost-effective distribution environment to our customers.”

With solutions deployed in more than 60,000 customer sites worldwide, RedPrairie has extensive experience providing supply chain execution solutions to third-party logistics providers. By using RedPrairie to maximize distribution efficiencies and streamline transportation operations, 3PLs can better serve their customers while reaping the benefits of reduced costs and greater inventory control.

“We welcome the opportunity to provide Hellmann with our proven warehouse and parcel management solutions to help fuel its U.S. expansion plans,” said Jagan Reddy, general manager of Discrete Manufacturing at RedPrairie. “It’s an exciting time for Hellmann. RedPrairie has the experience and capabilities to help ensure that Hellmann meets its growth objectives and continues to provide the world-class service levels its customers have grown to expect.”