IICL Elects New Chairman

The Institute of International Container Lessors’ (IICL) President Steven Blust, announced that Brian Sondey, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of TAL International Group Inc, has been elected to the position of Chairman of the IICL for 2012, succeeding Peter Younger of Cronos Ltd.

Mr. Sondey, the IICL’s Chairman in 2002 and a Director since 2000, joined TAL Internationals former parent, Transamerica Corporation, in April 1996 as Director of Corporate Development. He subsequently joined TAL International in November 1998 as Senior Vice President of Business Development, and in September 1999,Mr. Sondey became President of TAL International. Mr. Sondey holds an MBA from The Stanford GraduateSchool of Business and a BA degree in Economics from Amherst College.

“On behalf of the IICL’s Board of Directors and staff, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Peter Younger for his leadership during last year’s dynamic times” said Blust, “and look forward to another promising year ahead under Mr. Sondey’s Chairmanship.”