GPCA conference underway

The Fourth GPCA Supply Chain Conference, chaired by the Yazad Darasha, the Managing Editor of Zawya, is well underway today. The opening remarks came from Hamad Al Terkait, the Former Vice Chairman of the GPCA and Ex President and CEO of EQUATE Petrochemical.

The former vice chairman spoke of the importance of coming together as one in order to succeed with the rapid growth that the region is experiencing, “the growth in our industry has improved by a single digit of 6.5% on a global scale, the growth in our region has improved in double digits and will continue for at least 10 years. We have increases in both imports and exports, with construction underway at Jebel Ali port, adding 4 million TEU capacity in 2014. These are exciting but challenging times, people think that because oil prices are high and rising we should be happy, however they do not consider that our costs are doing the same” quotes Hamad Al Terkait.

The event promises to be a significant one, with aim to provide essential information and insight into the theme of ‘optimization through collaboration’, bringing together some of the major producers and distributors in the Gulf, combining methods, ideas and thoughts through seminars and networking.