No more gasket troubles in sight for pressure relief vents

For the past thirty years, the industry standard for gaskets was simply a flat PTFE ring designed for 3” pipe caps and swivel nut connections. PTFE (commonly known as Teflon) is popular for its superior chemical resistance, but it lacks elastomeric properties and is often hard to seal resulting in breakage. Knowing that consumers wanted a stronger more flexible gasket to protect their pressure relief vents without it costing a fortune, Girard Equipment created the “Orange DuraSeal.”
The “Orange DuraSeal” gaskets by Girard offer superior protection that lasts up to 20x’s longer than a standard PTFE gasket. Made from an exclusive material specially formulated from PTFE base plastics, these gaskets can withstand extreme environmental conditions and will not char, harden, or melt. Even with prolonged use The Orange DuraSeal gasket will not lose any of its physical or mechanical properties. Timothy Girard, President of Girard Equipment, proudly stated “Girard Equipment is so confident about the benefits and quality of the “Orange DuraSeal” we are even offering a free replacement in the event one can actually be cut through from normal use.”
Girard Equipment, a parts pioneer for the safe transportation of liquid, encourages tanker industry pros to visit to take part in an exclusive offer and find out more about the all new “Orange DuraSeal.” After all, even the smallest of parts can have a big impact on your bottom line.