Road Tankers Northern build ‘baby’ tanker for Stoddards

ISO 9001 accredited Road Tankers Northern is the UK’s largest tanker manufacturer in the UK.  The company was incorporated in 1991 and today occupies more than 44,000sq.ft. of modern production space at their Barnsley HQ from where they manufacture over 300 road tankers each year.

The company has recently built a ‘baby’ tanker for Stoddards, one of their loyal clients.  The new tanker is fully equipped with Alpeco Bottom loading and vapour recovery equipment and the successful MF400 electronic meter system with metered uplift facility, all features that make the Stoddard baby tanker one of the most advanced and sophisticated fuel delivery vehicles on the road.

Stoddards is a family run business based near to the Peak District in north Staffordshire who deliver mainly to domestic users including small farms.

Judith Stoddard remarked. ‘We are the third generation of a family run company and have been a Jet Distributor since 1966. In addition to the fuel delivery operation we also have coach business.  With so many of our drops being to rural villages, homes and farms we needed a small truck to cope with difficult access such as narrow gates and entrances.  This was the prime motivating factor in going for a small truck just to carry on servicing those customers.’

‘My father used to buy trucks from RTN and we have continued to buy from them as they are knowledgeable about our business and offer an excellent product. The drivers like the Alpeco meters and are familiar with them and particularly like the remote control feature….. in fact all the drivers want one now!  I would think it fair to say that all the trucks we have in the future will be fitted with this facility.’

Clive Felton, the Sales Manager at RTN added. ‘We have dealt with Stoddards since the1990’s and have been their preferred supplier of fuel delivery vehicles ever since. The latest vehicle we built for them is a 3-compartment, 8600 litre, aluminum, fully ADR compliant as well as fully petroleum regulations compliant.  The vehicle built on a DAF LF45 210 chassis.  We fitted the very latest electronic metering that is able to uplift product through the meter if required.  All of the metering  and bottom loading equipment was supplied by Alpeco who is our preferred supplier.  This vehicle was displayed on our stand at the 2012 FPS exhibition at Harrogate and we received a lot of very favorable compliments about it.’