DB Schenker expands on innovative transport monitoring

The new product family of DB SCHENKERsmartbox offers customers tailored solutions worldwide.

Thanks to the new DB SCHENKERsmartbox service, monitoring global freight transports is now even more convenient and innovative. Customers can now choose from five options in the DB SCHENKERsmartbox family based on their needs. “We have observed that high-value products are increasingly being transported by container around the world on all of the important routes,” said Diederick de Vroet, Head of Global Ocean Freight at DB Schenker Logistics. “Our customers are therefore increasingly interested in additional security and quality assurance for their transports using state-of-the-art visibility solutions. And our new service meets their demands.”

DB SCHENKERsmartbox premium uses GPS coordinates to let customers monitor their consignments on the internet in real time. Parameters such as temperature, humidity, G-force, movement, vibration and inclination are checked constantly. The technology monitors the route across modes of transportation using geofencing, a telematics solution in which a container is only permitted to move within an area that has been defined in advance. The device reports any attempt to open the container. Parameters can be custom-configured on the internet. The new Advanced Air & Ocean Tracking service also lets customers track each unit individually in real time on the internet.

DB SCHENKERsmartbox light makes it possible to document temperature, humidity, G-force, light, vibration and inclination during the transport. Customers can use the software to define their own thresholds for each parameter. Any values that exceed the thresholds are documented. DB SCHENKERsmartbox easy measures temperature during the transport. The saved values can be exported easily via USB after the consignment arrives. The exact time each measurement was taken is recorded. A chart shows the temperature measurements and any deviations from the temperature range defined in advance.

The DB SCHENKERsmartbox tag enables temperature deviations to be exported using a smartphone app and checked by all participants in the transport, either using the app itself or on an internet portal. The DB SCHENKERsmartbox individuals option offers customized solutions for every mode of transportation and area of application along the entire supply chain.