Den Hartogh adds to gas tank fleet

This year Den Hartogh will have 75 new gas tanks delivered. It is a balanced mix between tanks for compressed liquefied gases and cryogenic gases including new CO2 tanks. The development of their gas container business in the first half year of 2012 was very strong in relation to last year:  reaching growth figures of over 50%! These figures are impressive, certainly when you take into account that 2011 was also a good year with regards to intermodal traffic.

Den Hartogh have invested in a large fleet of 20 ft zinc coated tanks for R-gases ranging from 22 to 34 bar. They have further expanded the fleet of 30 ft. 42.000 litre tanks for aerosols and DME and reached a fleet of 80 units of this type. They have also expanded their cryogenic 20 ft. ISO tanks suitable for worldwide transport. Most of these tanks operate in global argon business. The CO2 fleet was also strengthened with new iso tanks. It adds to the existing fleet of CO2 trailers and swap bodies. Their new CO2 tanks are partly equipped with pump and flow. The demand for this type of equipment is so high that Den Hartogh claims to put them in service straight from the manufacturer.