Safer Tankers

Clugston Distribution Services is investing £130,000 in two new Spitzer Eurovac bulk powder tankers: a food grade 60 cbm tipping silo which incorporates the latest in tipping chassis technology and safety systems; and a 56 cbm 4 pot non-tipping tanker. Both vehicles have been branded in Clugston’s new livery and will work from the EB Bradshaw and Sons site in Driffield, UK.

Working closely with Spitzer Eurovrac, the non-tipping tanker was specifically developed with the flour industry in mind, to overcome the problem of flour holding up inside the tank, while the discharge system was designed for ease of cleaning. A secondary benefit is that Clugston has a number of customers whose discharge points have a camber, which means use of a traditional tipping trailer is dangerous and the non-tipping tanker provides for much safer discharge. One of these customers, a major bread producer in the northern England, specifically requested a non-tipping flour tanker because of the on-site camber.

The non-tipping tanker discharges air from both the tractor and customers air connections, which is filtrated to 5 micron and directed through a controllable air operated valve system and not the butterfly & ball valve system used on most solutions currently in use. The driver has a work station, out of harm’s way, at the side on the tanker, in sight of the discharge line, but not in the danger zone at the rear of the tanker. This coupled with the double air operated tank top access system, makes the tanker easier and safer for all concerned.

David Heath, general manager Clugston Distribution Services, said: “At the start of the design process we wanted a safer, more cost effective, and operator friendly tanker for the distribution of flour. We are now the first distribution company in the UK to be operating this type of tanker.”