Loscam reveals new IBC

LOSCAM, an industry leader in pallet and retail ready solutions, has unveiled its first entry into the bulk containers business and the feedback so far suggests the new IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) has been worth the wait.

The IBC I6 is the lightest on the market providing customers advantages in manual handling and gains in transport efficiency. With its unique integrated lid the IBC assists customers in the handling and tracking of rented units.

When Loscam decided to produce the IBC I6, ideas and feedback from customers were a valuable and vital part of the development process.

Bulla, one of Australian leading dairy products companies, transfers industrials volumes of cream and yogurt between their manufacturing sites, and also to external customers.
David Mahoney, Bulla’s Procurement Manager says, “We provided feedback and when the final product was shown to us it met all our expectations. We couldn’t be happier with this container and it’s nice to have had input and help create a design that has changed the marketplace.”

Brownes Foods have been operating in WA since 1886 and today over 130 million litres of milk are collected every year and used in the company’s dairy products. Brownes has used Loscam’s wooden and plastic pallets for many years and was keen to trial and take delivery of its first load of new IBCs. Assistant Warehouse Manager, Baden Radford says, “The IBC is simpler to use and is creating cost savings for the company.”

Greek yoghurt specialists, Chobani in Victoria, recently began using the IBCs to store its sweet yoghurt products. “We’ve used Loscam’s wooden pallets for a long time and saw the safety benefits of the new Loscam IBC. The pallecons we used previously didn’t stack very easily,” says Joris Dorsman, General Manager of Supply Chain at Chobani. “The IBCs are interlocking, you can stack them on top of each other and we can safely stack four high now, which we couldn’t do with the competing product, so have better space utilisation. It is a well-engineered and well-designed IBC and we also like the fact that it is Australian made.”