SIA launches ‘Solvents and IBCs’ film at its AGM.

‘New ‘Solvents and IBCs’ DVD supports safe selection, operation, storage and handling of IBCs’.

October 2012 –The Solvents Industry Association, SIA, and the European Solvents Industry Group, ESIG, have joined forces to produce a DVD that provides a simple guide on how to safely select, operate, store and handle International Bulk Containers, ‘IBCs’ for all users of solvents. This DVD is aimed at all persons working in the organisation, from the shop floor to those with responsibility for packaging operations and logistics, and is particularly aimed at end-users operating in small and medium sized enterprises.

It deals with the hazards associated with the use of IBCs in handling solvents and includes film from the Health and Safety Laboratory of the HSE. The DVD then goes on to discuss the basic features of various types of IBCs and the steps that should be taken to ensure that the correct IBC is selected for a particular solvent including both operations and transport legislation.

Best practice in filling and decanting operations is described as well as routine inspection and maintenance. The DVD describes storage and transport procedures including systems design and operation and concludes with a risk assessment approach to the safe use of IBCs and the necessary training regimes required.

At all times the DVD directs operators in the workplace to information available in a well regulated solvents industry to help them use IBCs safely.

The film is 20 minutes long and the DVD includes English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian versions. It is free of charge and can be obtained from ESIG, or the SIA, and can be downloaded shortly from either of the above websites as a whole or in separate clips.

The DVD is part of ESIG´s and the SIA´s continuing work programme to promote best practice in the solvents industry to improve health and safety performance and to minimise any potential environmental impact.

Against this background it is a valuable addition to the SIA/ESIG ‘Safe Handling of Solvents’ and ‘Solvents and Static Electricity’ DVDs.

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