Hoyer to enhance safety through app

Global logistics provider Hoyer has developed an app with aim to enhance transport safety further.

When it comes to implementing safety, health, environmental and quality standards – known for short as SHEQ – the Hoyer group feels obliged to meet only the highest standards. In order to realise this objective Hoyer has made safety awareness a high priority throughout the group. Against this background, the company is constantly exploring new ways of raising the frequency of near-accident reporting, for example.

The number of incidents documented internally has certainly been increasing over the years, but until now the necessary cross-linking with modern communication media did not exist. This is how Hoyer came up with the idea of programming an in-house Hoyer app to enable uncomplicated recording of near-accidents via smartphone.

The aim of the development: the app should require a minimal lead-time and not only be available to Hoyer employees or subcontractors, but also for clients and trade colleagues in the transport sector.

And this is how the app works: after entering the email address of the person reporting the near-accident, it is only necessary to fill out two small on-screen forms with information about the incident. It takes a maximum of three minutes to do this.

The app is currently being tested by Hoyer in the Netherlands. The final version will then be available on the group website ( as well as being available free from the usual app stores.