New ‘Bulk Bag’ blog

International shipping and transportation is a dynamic industry that has a major impact on the global economy.  Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) are a major part of storing and transporting all types of dry goods.  Bulk Bags is a new blog offering all kinds of updated information about the use of FIBCs.

Since the 1950s and 1960s, bulk bags have been an integral part of the international marketplace.  They make it possible to properly store and move dry goods such as sand, fertilizer and beans.  These unique containers are also used to transport hay, produce and more. The bulk bag used depends on the product it needs to store.  There are also local, federal and international regulations that govern the use of FIBCs.

Bulk Bags provides basic facts about the various types of FIBCs on the market today. They are made from different materials in an array of sizes and shapes.  The blog clarifies the current offerings to help companies choose the right type of bulk bags for their needs. They also offer information about helpful resources such as the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers Association (FIBCA). Access to these resources direct businesses to the information they need to succeed in a competitive international marketplace.

Businesses around the globe can benefit from reading the information shared at Bulk Bags. From learning the history of bulk bags to determining the proper uses for sandbags, the blog covers a wide variety of relevant topics.  Now international businesses have essential information about bulk bags right at their fingertips.