TML adds 40ft LNG tanks to leasing fleet

Pic TMLIn addition to its wide range of more standard tanks – chemicals, foodstuffs, acids and liquefied gases – TML has been steadily building up its fleet of cryogenic tanks for the past 15 years. Indeed, TML has now grown into the largest international lessor of this niche-market equipment offering 20ft tanks for the more usual air-gases + ethylene and similar, as well as for CO2 and 10ft tanks for the off-shore oil industry.

Late 2012 saw TML add to its range with 40ft tanks specifically aimed at the burgeoning LNG market. The tanks have been certified for use in USA as well as elsewhere in the world, and have an indicated holding time of 85 days at 82 percent fill.

Interest from China has already been significant, as the 40ft tanks are seen not only as perfect for inland distribution of LNG from the river and sea-port terminals, but also for intermediate storage in some of the more remote regions. The Gasworld specialist conference in Miami in early December also served to give the US and South American delegates a chance to consider how to enter the market without taking significant risk or utilisation of valuable capex.

TML believes it is the only lessor having these 40ft LNG tanks to offer on the leasing market.