Starlinger’s new looming

Starlinger 2Starlinger is unveiling an 8-shuttle circular loom RX 8.0 at this year’s Chinaplas in Guangzhou, taking place from 20–23 May 2013.

The company says it is an operator-friendly loom that produces high-quality tape fabric for heavy-duty applications, has low maintenance and spare part requirements and is cost-efficient. Based on the Starlinger SL and alpha loom concepts, the new 8-shuttle loom is claimed to ensure high-quality output, easy handling and smooth operation due to electronically controlled settings and well-engineered technical features. The use of new materials reduces strain and friction on the tapes and increases the lifetime of wear and tear parts, keeping maintenance and spare part expenses down.

The RX 8.0 is primarily designed for the production of PP and HDPE tape fabric for heavy-duty applications such as FIBCs, tarpaulins, as well as geo- and agrotextiles, and meets the specific machine requirements in these target markets. Nevertheless, also the production of lighter fabrics – down to 55g/sqm – is possible.