Worldwide tank container locator

tcfIntermodal industry innovator Intermodal Finder has announced the launch of an innovative platform,, to find available tank containers online. The platform connects parties in the intermodal industry and claims to be the platform to find every intermodal tank container available worldwide.

Nowadays thousands of tank containers all over the world return empty to the depots, because there’s no product to fill the tanks with on their way back. To bring efficiency to the market, Intermodal Finder has launched it’s web based system The purpose of this website is to bring together supply and demand in the tank container industry.

Companies can search for tank containers that suit their demands and wishes for the transported product. An economic, ecologic and efficiency profit is being offered by making visible the availability and location of available tank containers worldwide. The expectation is that the connected early adopters will soon be followed by more international tank container suppliers to expand the available tank containers in the system.