Anti-climbing system for hazardous goods transports by rail

VTG mineraloel_20jpg_20downloadVTG is currently presenting a new anti-climbing system for hazardous goods transports at the “transport logistic” trade fair in Munich. Waggonbauwerk Graaff in Elze, which is part of the VTG Group, has developed a technology that can be used in both new build wagons and as a retrofit solution in existing wagons. This technology allows for equipping also existing wagons with a new and reliable safety feature in the foreseeable future.

“This new development of the anti-climbing system is yet a new means to obtain even greater safety in rail goods traffic”, explains Dr. Heiko Fischer, Chairman of the Executive Board of VTG Aktiengesellschaft, and adds: ”Together with our customers we will decide which wagons and goods are best suited for this technology.”

In the event of a collision, the new anti-climbing system protects the tank floor and the tank itself from damage. This distinctly increases the passive safety of transports. With this technology, VTG makes a valuable contribution to the implementation of the RID, the Regulations governing the international carriage of dangerous goods by rail.