Bertschi, De Rijke, Hoyer in 4PL venture

log4chemAn independent fourth-party services provider (4PL) has been established in an international joint venture between Bertschi, De Rijke Group and Hoyer. The new business will operate in the market under the name Log4Chem.

By pooling activities in chemicals-related logistics, transport volume of around €200 million is expected to be generated in the coming years. The new company has a portfolio including all logistics services, such as co-ordination and execution of liquids and solids transports.

It will function as a neutral facilitator between contractors and services providers, instead of Log4Chem having equipment of its own or other assets. Its role is to focus on gearing up the efficiency of the supply chain for example to eliminate unproductive ‘empty legs’ and to concentrate on the sustainable use of intermodal transports. The optimisation of logistics always meets operational requirements.

The joint venture is designed to market, co-ordinate and optimise all new 4PL transport activities of the three shareholders. This particularly affects transports and logistics services for the chemicals industry in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Log4Chem aims to become market leader in this region.

The three companies have a network of 112 offices, 53,095 transport units and 8,955 employees worldwide.