RONCO supplies the bulk food grade market

roncoIn order to meet the safe packaging needs of customers in the food and beverage industry, RONCO is quickly becoming one of Canada’s most reliable and efficient sources for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) that meets stringent standards, not only for quality in safe handling but also for conforming to sanitation standards in food safety. FIBC customers seeking to reduce the risk of contamination in their food processes should consider RONCO a value-added partner.

RONCO FIBC has been evaluated and accepted by CFIA for food contact and is manufactured to the highest standards for guaranteed safe containment of food products such as grains, seeds, pulses and other food products or additives that are free-flowing granules, powders, pellets or flakes.

Ron Pecchioli, RONCO President, explained the brand’s ongoing success in a shifting market that is tightening standards and legislation, “FIBC is a commodity to the extent that it is all made in the same patterns from the same raw materials. RONCO’s key differentiator is that our FIBC consistently meets rigorous quality and safety criteria and we never compromise either for lower-cost goods. We will always compete on cost, but in the long run, the question must be asked: what is the true price an end-user will pay if his or her goods are destroyed in transit, or deemed unfit for consumption?”

Mr. Pecchioli continued, “When it comes to food safety, we are learning that there is no limit to the costs associated with a brand reputation if it is ruined under public scrutiny for a foodborne illness. As demand for bulk bags grows, RONCO will continue to focus on quality control procedures, and following industry standards and regulations because, in the end, that is what impacts performance for our customers.”

RONCO Senior Product Manager, Edward Aletto, described the care that goes into the production of RONCO food-grade FIBC, “Our products are manufactured under strict supervision and a number of traceability systems are implemented during production. RONCO FIBC is manufactured from 100% new material and the resins used in the poly yarn have to be safe for food. The fabric is cut by ultrasonic machines and threads heat sealed so that they don’t contaminate the contents of the bag when it is filled. Each tote is air-cleaned and thoroughly inspected for metal, glass or hard plastic contaminants.”

“Depending on the type of bag, there may be special requirements, such as creating liners or sift-proof seams for powdered goods, continued Mr. Aletto. “Once it is manufactured, RONCO FIBC is securely wrapped, palletized, covered and stored in food-grade warehouse facilities to prevent any risk of contamination. There is no compromising quality to cut costs. This is the RONCO value add.”