AAE Group to streamline management

AAE GL-neu-lowresOn 1st October, the AAE Group, a European leasing company for rail freight cars in combined transport, will introduce a new management structure. The members of the management will be reduced from six to four persons; departments will be merged and re-organised. “By means of the re-organisation we will streamline the management and will create a clear structure with the three classic divisions of finance, operations and sales”, explains the Chairman of the Board of Directors of AAE Holding AG, Andreas Goer. “This re-organisation will produce clear competencies internally as well as externally, will speed up decision-making processes, and will facilitate the management of the company.”

The previous Sales and Business Development Divisions will be merged as from October. Jakob Öhrström, the previous Director of the Business Development Division, will manage the whole division as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). The previous Sales Director Ole Nygaard will turn 65 next spring and will retire on 30th April 2014. As from October this year he will be available to the company as a consultant.

The other members of the management Karsten Sachsenröder (CEO), Mark Stevenson (CFO) and Dr Christof Selden (COO) will retain their departmental responsibilities. Sachsenröder and Selden will take on fields which are currently managed by Markus Vaerst. The Director of Engineering, Safety & Associations of AAE will be leaving the company on 30th September 2013 to take on new professional challenges. AAE informed about this decision at the end of May. “I wish to thank the retiring members of the management very much for their many years of successful work”, emphasised Goer. “I am pleased that this streamlining of the management could be realised so quickly.”