Fully automatic bag filling

Resized-Pic-Erkomat3Erkomat in co-operation with Thrace Polybulk, has introduced a new system that allows the fully automatic filling of FIBCs.

According to the manufacturers, the key benefits of the filling system are high output and low manning, relatively short investment payback time and health, environment and safety advantages. The system also opens up possibilities to centralise filling operations with integrated system suppliers through co-operation which ensures smooth start-up and simpler support.

The empty big-bags are delivered on reel and unrolled to a feeding table where a bag liner is opened with vacuum pads and mechanical gripper. The automatic big-bag placer sets bag to the filling spout, inflating and centring it so that the scale can distribute the product accurately into the bag. After filling the liner is heat sealed so that bag is ready for further handling and picked up from conveyor line.

The capacity of the automatic big-bag filling system depends on the characteristics of products handled. With good flowing products, like granulated fertiliser, the automatic filling system has capacity of more than 200 bags an hour (500-600kg).