ITCO publishes tank container depot efficiency guidelines

The International Tank Container Organisation (ITCO) has published its first guidelines for improved tank container depot efficiency.

The Code of Practice: Guiding Principles of Tank Container Depot-Client Management is intended to ensure smoother processes and improved depot-client relationships, resulting in better cost control and therefore increased competitiveness.

“The tank container industry is a highly competitive low margin business that is competing with multiple modes of transport. In such an environment costs need to be controlled”, said ITCO president, Heike Clausen.

“Therefore there was a strong interest among ITCO members to develop and publish a Code of Practice for Depot-Client Management that digs into the processes and identifies best practice procedures that result in smoother processes and lower costs.

“This is the first of its kind in the industry and we welcome any feedback and discussion on this sensitive depot-client issue in order to achieve a way forward that is best for clients and depots.”