Barrier Plastics introduces Baritainer IBC


Barrier Plastics has announced the launch of its new Baritainer IBC.

A full year of research and development went into the release of the IBC, which is made with HDPE and Quoral Barrier
Resin. The IBC designed to serve as an alternative to fluorinated and multilayer IBCs for the packaging and shipping of chemicals requiring
barrier protection.

Barrier Plastics is the only US Company to manufacture a UN-rated monolayer barrier Intermediate Bulk Container. At 40″ wide, 48″
long, and 46″ high, the Barrier IBC has a capacity of 275 gallons (1,000 liters), a tare weight of 144 pounds, and a gross weight of
3,805 pounds. It features a six-inch (150-millimeter) fill opening and two-inch discharge opening, and it comes in a zinc-galvanized
square tubular steel grid cage with a galvanized stamped sheet metal pallet. A variety of gasket options are available, and the valve is
tamper evident. Additional, larger capacity IBC’s are currently in product development.

All Barrier Plastics Baritainer containers are made with Quoral Barrier Resin (BR), manufactured by Barrier Plastics’ sister
company, BP Polymers. According to the company, Quoral BR is a unique, proprietary barrier resin additive for high-density polyethylene that utilizes laminate
technology. Quoral-based containers can safely transport solvent-based products such as household chemicals, industrial chemicals,
cleaning solvents, adhesives, wood preservatives, automotive additives, and agricultural chemicals. They can also safely transport
foodstuffs such as flavorings and edible and essential oils.