CNC opts for Alpeco fuel delivery systems

Alpeco have just shipped 3 truck systems to CNC Petroleum in Singapore. They are one of around twenty oil distributors in Singapore headed by a group of directors keen to raise the general standard of equipment used for fuel deliveries in Singapore and Malaysia.

According to CNC, currently there are no real regulations employed in Singapore for the safe carriage and delivery of fuel oils so the team believes they can win lucrative contracts if they invest to raise the standard of equipment used in the region. To this end they have approached the relevant government departments in Singapore and have been allocated a grant to help with the purchase of the new tank and metering equipment from Alpeco Limited in the UK.

The government in Singapore is encouraging local businesses to increase their productivity and efficiency by the introduction of technology and automation. CNC submitted a proposal to have an ERP system that integrated Alpeco’s MF800 product with full mobile connectivity. Local tank builder RYOBI KISO is assembling the three new tankers which will be mounted on Volvo chassis incorporating the Alpeco MF800 tank and electronic metering equipment. When completed the trucks will be added to CNC’s existing vehicles, boosting the fleet size to 10.

The 3 trucks purchased by CNC were acquired directly from Volvo Group Trucks Sales & Marketing APAC. They bought the very latest, new technology series FMX models which included 1 Volvo FMX 8×4 Tridem which comes with air suspension, and a small turning radius achieved because the rear axle also steers, plus 2 Volvo FMX 6×4 vehicles.

Sean Chua, CNC’s Director responsible for the daily business activities, stated: “Our current road tankers are equipped for both top up or bulk discharge operation. The existing truck meters in the truck are the rather old-fashioned mechanical type so drivers have to write the dispensed quantity and issue a hand-written delivery receipt. Alpeco’s MF800 gives us a turn-key solution that enables us to have both top up and bulk operations in one vehicle. The flowrate is automatically set for hose reel or bulk discharge. The system also provides information about dispensed product in digital format that then communicates directly with the head office in real-time thereby affording a seamless and fully mobile solution, which integrates with company’s ERP system. Information such as an accurately calculated delivery inventory for each vehicle is automatically sent back to the office as soon as a delivery is completed. Fully detailed and accurate invoices can then be issued on completion of the delivery via the Alpeco MF800.”

CNC Petroleum was incorporated in 2008 as an oil distribution company that trades and distributes refined petroleum products. They are a key downstream petroleum dealer for the Singapore Petroleum Company with their customers including major construction companies, ship and rigs builders, factories and other users who need petroleum products as fuel to operate their machines and equipment. Their product range includes gasoline, kerosene, lubricants and diesel, which represents 99% of the company’s product sales.