Container ship collision investigations underway

Port Fire
Credit: Star News via Twitter
Officials at Port Klang, the largest port in Malaysia, are currently investigating a collision between two container ships which sparked a fire on board both vessels on Tuesday night.

The Port Klang Authority (PKA) has stated that there were no casualties in the collision which involved the MV San Felipe and the MV Al Riffa. Initial reports allege the San Felipe impacted the Al Riffa whilst approaching the berth at around 20:00 local time on October 28th. By fire and rescue service accounts the fire on the Al Riffa was quickly extinguished and the, San Felipe towed to a safe distance, whilst still ablaze, to avoid further port obstruction and the risk of the fire spreading.

Westports Malaysia Chief Operating Officer Ian James told The Star Online: “Even though we have not had an incident like this before, the relevant authorities’ response to the incident is a testament to the training and effort we have put into preparing for situations like this.”