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ISBIR Production Facility
Global FIBC manufacturer, ISBIR claims to have the largest big bag production facility under one roof and it is continuing to increase capacity with big bags exceeding standard specifications.

The facilities, are equipped with state of art production machineries and claim manufacturing capabilities of 17 million big bags per annum with an indoor area of 180.000 sqm under ISO 22000 and AIB certificates. Following recent investments and 35 million EUR capital increase, ISBIR have started-up special purpose manufacturing centers for sophisticated big bag needs, further extending their product portfolio with big bags made in clean room production facility. Company officials describe clean room manufacturing as “a Clean room, which architecture and infrastructure has been set according to ISO 14644-Cleanrooms and Associated Controlled by Environments approved by independent auditors to fulfill the requirements of ISO 14644 and ISO 8.”

In this “certified” clean room, big bags can be manufactured for the high purity needs of pharmaceutical, food, chemical and engineering plastic industries, which require extreme attention to maintaining hygienic conditions. they claim that clean room production conditions comply with higher standards than internationally accepted GMP regulation. It has been stated by company officials that; “beside standard big bag models used all over the world, product portfolio extends with flame retardant fabric, aluminium and conductive aluminium liner production, Gambo big bag production, TYPED permanent antistatic big bag production and liquid big bag production making ISBIR the most valuable strategic partner for big bags.”

Company officials further state that, in today’s world where cost reduction has the highest priority, their average 12 days production option eliminates the need to keep stock for many customers. In addition to this, ISBIR has cooperation with many warehouses all around the Europe for storage service, which boasts delivery within 24 hours improving customer satisfaction. Isbir claims an extensive list of references in all industries and especially in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food sectors.

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