Den Hartogh opens second food line

Den Hartogh Cleaning has opened a second food line in Dordrecht in The Netherlands in response to global developments, such as the increasing number of major chemical factories outside Europe.

This has led to a shift in ‘Rotterdam work’ from chemicals to food and meant that Den Hartogh Cleaning Dordrecht had an increasing amount of excess capacity in chemical cleaning and a shortage in food cleaning. As many as five drivers regularly report for this simultaneously, causing waiting times of four or more hours.

Den Hartogh Cleaning’s management team raised the issue of a second food line in Dordrecht with the group board. On 29 July 2014, the green light was given for the project.

After preparatory work, such as demolishing the existing installation and thoroughly cleaning the soil, building work started in October 2014. An installation was built in fewer than three months under the supervision of the Den Hartogh Cleaning technical service.

Cleaning according to HACCP or SGF procedures is possible, as is working in accordance with customers’ detailed instructions.