Industrial packaging sustainability: the use and reuse of fibreboard drums

Phil Pease busts some common myths about fibre drums and explains the different between recycling and reuse

Environmental awareness and concern is at the highest level ever – no longer the sole property of hippies or so-called ‘new-age’ activists. However, with so many confusing and often conflicting statements and opinions, it is perhaps understandable that many people simply do not know what the best practice is or considered what is truly ‘sustainable’.

The above reasoning about why the reuse of fibreboard packaging is not more commonplace, can of course be easily changed through improved understanding and clarity of the actual capabilities of the packaging. However, resistance to change is a long-standing and very real barrier that may take some time and education to overcome.

The fact remains that, in terms of cost, environmental efficiency and sustainability, fibreboard drums are one of the best options available and work extremely well alongside the various steel, plastic and composite industrial packaging currently available.

Phil Pease is the CEO of the Industrial Packaging Association