Hoyer offers pressure IBC

Hoyer is offering a new pressure tank version IBC for transporting hazardous goods. By adding these type UN T 22 containers to its range, Hoyer is augmenting its own IBC fleet with a variant that makes high operating pressure levels of up to 6.67 bar possible and corresponds to maximum safety requirements.

Thanks to their holding capacity of 1,100 litres, the containers are said to be ideal for the storage and transport of smaller product volumes under conditions of overpressure. “With these new mini tanks, we have again succeeded in expanding our utilisation spectrum,” said Uwe Bartels, European sales manager IBC Logistics at Hoyer. “They will enhance our worldwide commitment in the transport of hazardous goods, for example, toxic substances of class 6.1.”

The pressure tanks can be equipped individually in line with customers’ requirements. They can, for example, be fitted with GPS or RFID for transport tracking. In addition to this, Hoyer is offering a range of other services, such as rental, transport, maintenance, cleaning and fleet management, for the new tank family as well.