More Miller time for Kennedy

Except for manually connecting the bag spout to the inflatable collar, the process is automated by a programmable logic controller (PLC). Load cells beneath the pallet deck send signals to the PLC, which automatically stops the flow of rice by closing the dome valve when the bag reaches its target weight.

Kennedy rice

The operator only needs to pull the bag spout off the inflatable collar and tie it closed. The filled bag and pallet are removed by forklift. “Connecting, filling and disconnecting a bag takes only about three minutes altogether,” said Oldham.

“Flexicon’s representative, Robert K Wilson & Associates, of Houston, Texas, worked with Flexicon’s engineering department to evaluate our needs and determine equipment specifications, and then helped supervise installation and startup,” continued Oldham.

“This new facility has created over 20 permanent local jobs,” said Elton Kennedy, who along with his daughter, Meryl, oversaw design and construction of the mill. “It also gives regional producers another outlet for their rice crops with lower transportation costs and a faster return on their investment.”