Girard offers maximum flow

Girard Equipment, through its engineering team at the Vero Beach, Florida manufacturing facility, has had stringent third party laboratory testing on flame guards conducted with some surprising results.

Girard flame screen

While other flame guards available on the market were reducing flow rates by as much as 50 percent, the Girard EverFlow Flamescreen Guard reduced flow by less than 1 percent.

Evacuation of a tank during flame engulfment is a serious matter and the EverFlow Flamescreen offers little or no impediment to gas flow, Girard says.

The emphasis at present is on the maximum achievable flow rates from relief valves, so flow rates should not be restricted by the use of a poorly designed flame guard. Flame Guard/Arrestors are designed to prevent gases from evacuating a tank through the relief valve during overpressure from igniting.

The Girard Everflow Flamescreens are available for the full range of IM pressure vents/PRVs.