SABIC tracks rail tanks

Globalstar Europe Satellite Services and Ovinto have announced that SABIC is to equip its entire European fleet of 500 rail tank cars with Ovinto Sat M2M satellite-based tracking and monitoring technology.

The company uses its European fleet of rail tanks to transport chemicals. By selecting the ATEX Ovinto Sat M2M asset tracking solution, SABIC has taken a significant next step in its focus on safety in the production and transport of chemicals. Additionally, the new technology is helping SABIC to optimise its supply chain operations.

Because Ovinto Sat relies on Globalstar’s LEO satellite constellation, SABIC will benefit from the network’s reliability and reach to obtain timely, accurate information about the status of every asset in its fleet. It helps ensure that SABIC, as well as other stakeholders have immediate access to data in order to act more speedily and efficiently.

Meanwhile, SABIC is able to track each vehicle on its journey in real time so it can have an accurate understanding of delivery times. This enables the chemicals company to know immediately whether a rail tank has been loaded or unloaded or is ready to be redeployed.