Trailer curtain design is pivotal for safety

With health and safety high on the list of priorities for distributors, installing the most suitable trailer curtains for a fleet is a decision that requires careful thought.

Reeve continues: “Structure-flex supply EN-rated curtains to body builders that manufacture and market vehicles that have passed the appropriate test and are badged as such, but the important point to remember is that the EN legislation refers to the testing of vehicle body structures, including the curtains, and is therefore based upon curtains fitted to that particular vehicle.”

Curtains fitted to any vehicle that has passed the testing and can display the XL rating must be constructed in accordance with the guidelines set out, or have been manufactured and tested upon the vehicle in question.

Structure-flex manufactures and supplies EN – XL rated curtains to a number of manufacturers in the UK where there is documentation acknowledging that the vehicle has passed the correct tests. In that respect, the badge is simply fitted to the curtains/vehicle to demonstrate this fact and the driver or owner should be in possession of the supporting documentation to substantiate this claim.

Reeve concludes: “Most curtainsiders may be tailored to suit the load and company working practises, so the decision as to which system is most fit for purpose needs to be both informed and correct. Our advice would be to approach a reputable manufacturer that offers a comprehensive range of curtains and a complete guidance service.”

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