Savvy rolls out fuller service for Hoyer

After a successful pilot phase, Savvy is integrating its telematics system into a broad range of logistics processes at Hoyer.

To this end, the tank containers are equipped with the Savvy telematics units CargoTrac and/or FleetTrac and are connected to Savvy’s cloud-based Synergy Portal. Thanks to a customised interface, both Hoyer employees and end customers now have permanent access to tank container data, allowing them to collaborate and optimise their logistics process control.

Among other things, continuous temperature monitoring as well as active temperature control during the entire transport cycle make uninterrupted automated quality proofs possible.

By using the new technology, Hoyer aims to increase transport and logistics productivity as well as service quality for customers, and to maintain its competitive advantage.

The telematics units record a wide range of sensor values and tracking data such as circulation and idle times, unit operating hours and filling levels, temperatures, change in position and shocks. Any and all target value deviations are logged and saved reliably. If a unit reports disruptions or the temperature falls below the target value, the system sets off an alarm. Monitoring the container temperature thereby protects the shipment value and prevents expensive damage in products with low hysteresis such as adhesives, which can be negatively affected in the event of temperature deviations of even one degree celcius.