Concrete action at Vos Logistics

Vos Logistics has taken two new concrete truck mixers into service for third parties.

The company will apply its expertise in this market to meet growing demand for flexible transport capacity. It has been engaged in customer-specific concrete transport since 2015.

“We have a great deal of expertise and experience in this kind of transport and offer flexible transport capacity especially for this market,” said Marc van Alphen, managing director of Vos’s bulk activities.

The new truck mixers were developed jointly with Volvo and mixer truck builder Mulder.

The mixers can be deployed flexibly and will be used mainly in the Randstad region of the Netherlands. Vos Logistics will hire out the mixers from its facility in Uithoorn by the day, week or for a longer period.

The mixers have a capacity of 13.5 cbm and a steered fifth rear axle. They are equipped with the latest safety innovations. The trucks have a reversing and blind spot camera system so that drivers have an overview of the site. To increase driver safety, the cab door can only open inwards.