Bertschi receives Covestro safety award

Bertschi Global has won the Covestro Asia Pacific ‘Innovation in Transportation Safety’ Award for its ‘Outstanding Initiative for Transportation Safety Improvement’.

As part of the Safety Champion Programme Covestro honours logistics service providers for outstanding initiatives in improving safety standards. With an innovative tank container design, Bertschi is setting new safety and efficiency standards for the global logistics of liquid chemical products.

Covestro is a manufacturer of high-performance polymers and has 30 production sites around the globe, including a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region. As a global player in the chemical industry Covestro embeds safety and sustainability in every element of the company’s strategy.

With the Safety Champion Programme Covestro says it is expressing the importance of safe logistic operations for its supply chain. The goal of the programme is to encourage their logistics service providers to be self-driven for safety and promote best practices sharing.

Bertschi received the award in March in Pattaya, Thailand, being awarded for the highest safety and quality standards of its global deepsea tank container fleet. Each container is equipped with collapsible handrail and 100 percent walkway coverage, the combination of which ensures a safe working environment when on top of the container.