Schütz DN80 valve

Schütz has expanded its standard range of fittings by adding the integrated DN 80 outlet valve. It applies the concept of the integrated DN 50 outlet valve to the DN 80 nominal width and is now going into serial production.

The valve is not screwed into the inner bottle, but welded. This type of connection offers a number of benefits for the user, Schütz says. The outlet valve is secure, cannot be twisted and has great dimensional stability. As the component cannot be replaced, users know that they are getting original Schütz quality and the IBC has a better protection against manipulation. In addition, the integrated outlet fitting does not require a flange gasket; this enhances safety as gaskets can present a variety of risks on account of their different degrees of stability.

For ex-zones the outlet valve is also available in an earthed version: a screw in the earthing plate in the outlet area and a wire maintain contact with the bottom plate. This neutralises any electrostatic charges.

In both the integrated and the screw design, the butterfly valve in the new DN 80 will have a new gasket: the ETFE gasket previously used is being replaced with a spray-on polypropylene (PP) unit. This reusable material has already been tried and tested in the DN 50 valve and has been used by us for decades as a carrier material in the body of the butterfly valve. PP is also characterised by high chemical stability and offers good mechanical properties.