Future proofing for GEORGI Transporte

GEORGI Transporte, a specialist European transport and logistics company has recently signed an agreement Astrata Europe to equip its fleet of 300 vehicles with DriverLinc+ tablets. The new contract is a continuation of a cooperation between the 2 companies, which originally began back in April 2007 with the first generation of EUTELTracs telematics solutions. GEORGI Transporte believe the selection of DriverLinc+ solutions will allow the company to boost their operational efficiency and driver training, especially around their Key Performance Indicators: transport punctuality and transport security.

The implementation of 300 new DriverLinc+ on board computers has already started. The selected solution from Astrata stands for a modern telematics system ready for today and for the future to support dynamic requirements of transport and logistics challenges of GEORGI Transporte. Before making the decision, GEORGI Transporte were looking for an easy to use system, able to support daily operations with a detailed focus on punctuality and security of daily transport activities. Due to time constraints on a core area of GEORGI Transporte’s business, such as air freight transportation, punctuality and proper ETA indication, including real-time traffic information, were of extreme value. “In our business, it is crucial to be able to dispose of properly calculated ETA and to foresee any risk of a delay. The solutions offered by Astrata address this specific need on a very detailed level”, stated Hubert Hohl, Head of Truckfleet at GEORGI Transporte.

Additionally, with regards to security transport, GEORGI Transporte has another specific requirement of using specialist equipment, such as, additional integrated sensors and ensuring their drivers are educated to a high standard on safety and equipment use.

In line with environmental responsibility, the company was looking for a solution which would help them to implement and execute regular driver training programs with the goal to improve driver’s performance, decrease fuel consumption and reduce emissions steadily. With DriverLinc+ tablets, GEORGI Transporte is able to promote more efficiently eco-driving and encourage consumption-friendly driving style. With all additional available functionality, Astrata’s system helps them also in more effective route planning and reduction of empty kilometres.

GEORGI Transporte also values the possibility to exchange photos and documents between the drivers and the back office. The use of image capturing and scanning functionalities of the DriverLinc+ solution was a major contributing factor to the decision along with the multi-language international support provided by Astrata 24/7/365, which provides necessary answers immediately at all times. “All in all, the system must work at all times. That’s why we have chosen DriverLinc+ from Astrata. And what is important, it’s not only a system of today, but it is also a future-proof solution, which we are pleased to go with into tomorrow”, commented Hubert Hohl, Head of Truckfleet at GEORGI Transporte.