Nijhof-Wassink further expands Chemical Logistics division

Nijhof-Wassink recently acquired 15 new Van Hool tank trailers for the transportation of liquid chemical bulk products. These 37,500 litre trailers are just 9.90 metres long which means by using less steel the trailers remain under 7 tonnes and have increased transport capacity (higher payload). In addition, the tank’s insulation value is higher thanks to the smaller external surface area. These trailers will replace, and supplement, the current fleet.

The transport company with branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Hungary and Poland is also expanding its fleet for the intermodal transport of chemical liquid bulk products. 40 new 20ft tank containers (28m3) will be visible on the European highways and railways from this summer.

Major investments in new trailers for fuel distribution have also been made. Eleven new 47m3 Willig trailers in the corporate colours of various clients are currently being supplied from Southern Germany. Before acquiring these new fuel trailers, Nijhof-Wassink assessed how the weight of the trailer could be reduced and how unloading could be carried out quicker in a safe and reliable manner.