Schütz in Poland

In June, the new Schütz Polska factory was officially opened. At the beginning of December 2016, production of Schütz Ecobulks commenced at the 23,000 sqm site in Zory, which is around 35 km south of Katowice. An IBC reconditioning line was installed in May 2017.

The new factory is an addition to the global collection and reconditioning network and adds a further hub for countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Zory is one of the key industrial sites in the region. The town in Upper Silesia is close to the borders of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Austria, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and Russia are also easily reached through the excellent infrastructure. The factory, which was specifically built as a gateway to Central Europe, enables even faster collections and more flexible services thanks to shorter distances. The opening of the new site also makes a great contribution to sustainability, as shorter distances always mean lower emissions.

As the new central hub, Schütz Polska will ensure supply of products to the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. As well as the production and reconditioning facilities, the site also includes administration offices.