Bertschi sends 30,000th container on its journey

This month Bertschi added the 30,000th container unit to its fleet. This milestone stands for the continuing success story of containerization and demonstrates an impressive growth of the company from its first container produced in 1970.

It is a 20ft ISO tank container used in global deep sea transport which is honored to be the 30,000th container of the Bertschi Group. The choice is not totally by coincidence, as the numbers of containers for global transports of liquid products have seen strong growth over the last 5 years. Additionally, Bertschi’s fleet consists of tank and dry bulk containers used for trans-European transports, helping customers in the chemical industry to optimize their supply chain.

The first container Berschi introduced in 1970 was for their dry bulk business and swiftly followed by tank containers used for transporting liquid products in 1971.

The container offers many advantages when compared to other transport equipment. It may be moved using various means of transport and therefore allows the use of intermodal transport efficiently, whilst additionally serving as a flexible storage tank.

The first journey will take the 30,000th container unit from China to Europe. With the following destinations not yet planned, it surely will cover more than a million kilometers and contribute to the continuing success story of the container and the Bertschi Group.