Liquid CONcept Celebrates 10 Years of Liquid Logistics Success

The Hamburg-based liquid logistics Liquid CONcept is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Continuous growth since it was founded in 2007 means they now boast more than 4,000 transportation units and the company believe their success is driven by the intermediate bulk container (IBC) business. These small containers for liquid foodstuffs enable the company to offer speedy and flexible logistics solutions to its customers, who include national and international producers, manufacturers and distributors in the food industry. The signs point toward further growth, with Liquid CONcept able to boost its revenue by 20 percent in the previous year alone.

The company initially began developing its own IBC fleet and since then, has continuously added new services and, for example, now offers transportation with tank containers and tank trucks, as well as liner solutions for stainless steel IBCs.

Ulrich Schnoor, founder of Liquid CONcept explained, “We recognized at an early stage that customers want individual solutions, especially when it comes to liquid logistics for the food industry. We responded quickly with holistic approaches to solving problems.” Schnoor also highlights the fact that Liquid CONcept offers integrated logistics concepts. “Integrated logistics solutions that incorporate tank containers and tank trucks have played a key role in our success.”

In light of rising demands, Eycke-Christian Dörre was also appointed to the Management Board in 2013. Dörre commented, “We always have our sights set on the future so that we can keep pace with developments. This is what makes our industry so exciting.”

With plenty of reasons to celebrate the company’s 10-year success story,

the Management Board has invited all employees and their families to a grand party in Hamburg on September 15, 2017.