Bayer Crop Science choose HOYER smart technology

Bayer’s Crop Science division announced this week they chose the Hamburg-based HOYER Group to supply all their containers worldwide with smart technology, enabling their equipment to be managed remotely. The international logistics company provides devices, system and services to take Bayer to the next level of global connectivity.

HOYER had already been using its smart technology for Bayer in Dormagen since the beginning of 2016, where tracking and alerting functions have proven their use locally. It served to gather experience for the international Connected Container project and it reassured Bayer that HOYER was the right decision globally. The first roll-out outside of Dormagen is planned for Kansas City, USA, by November 2017. Thomas Dieckmann, SC Govern. Production Planning & Execution at Bayer, says, “We appreciate HOYER as a reliable partner who provides smart technology for our Connected Container project enabling the integration of ERP data into the global container network. As an international pilot we will be implementing HOYER’s technology onto our fleet in Kansas City next. This will be the first step towards the realisation of our global information and alert system.”

The digitilisation of the logistics chain is a global challenge that HOYER has accepted by implementing a highly specialised telematics solution onto tank containers. HOYER aims to set new standards in transport and in networking customers, suppliers and goods in transit. To achieve this, the logistics specialist has worked in partnership with Intermodal Telematics BV (IMT) to develop hardware and software. With its smart logistics system HOYER enables seamless monitoring of goods transported in tank containers at any defined point in time for customers. This includes not only monitoring position but also the status of the transported goods with regard to their pressure, temperature, density parameters and filling level. A non-invasive filling level measuring system developed exclusively for HOYER will solve a large number of technical challenges.

Hoyer have published the following video explaining their smart logistics solution: