Contship’s outlook on Intermodal

Contship have announced the substantial increase in the frequency of Hannibal’s Melzo – Frenkendorf rail service, which is going to be upgraded from three to five round trips per week starting from today (11 December 2017). Frenkendorf, close to Basel, caters to one of the most important markets in Switzerland and Contship’s terminal in La Spezia has developed into a crucial gateway for cargo in and out of Switzerland.

In addition, Hannibal offers transport solutions for continental cargo and trades between the UK, The Netherlands and Italy by offering direct rail links between its rail hub in Melzo and the port of Rotterdam. The frequency of the latter was further upgraded last October and now features seven round trips to Europe’s most important sea port. With this addition, a total of fourteen trains offer one departure per day in each direction.

Furthermore, Rail Hub Milano (RHM), Contship’s intermodal logistics platform, recently hosted the inauguration of a new maintenance workshop dedicated to locomotives and rolling stock. The new workshop is managed by Bombardier Transportation and will further improve the speed and quality of assistance to vehicles operating on the railway network.

In response to the Chinese One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative, RHM is also serving as a crucial gateway for cargo carried by rail between China, Russia and the German hub of Duisburg to access Italy and Southern Europe. Read more about the OBOR initiative here.

On the digital side of the business, Contship just launched a new feature for its connectivity tool, which has been designed to offer users all key data to facilitate online quotation requests for intermodal transport. This is a major step forward in the digitalization of processes and a faster, better way to address customers’ needs.

Recently the companies attended Intemrodal 2017 in Amsterdam where Daniele Testi, Group Marketing and Communication Director, delivered a presentation about supply chain risk diversification together with an analysis of the primary motives that push leading European shippers to choose the Southern Gateway for their cargo shipments. Speaking about Intermodal, Testi noted “Intermodal Europe has become a very significant conference to the Contship Group. It is a great environment to meet with our valued clients and partners and provides us with the opportunity to highlight the latest intermodal solutions our Group offers.”