New-built program gas tanks

As part of the expansion of the new build fleet, ALBATROSS has recently placed an order for 140 high pressure gas tanks with working pressure of 27.5 resp. 34.5 bar, which are being delivered in the next coming weeks ex factory CIMC Nantong.

The interior of the tanks is zinc lined to avoid shell corrosion and contamination of the products to be shipped. The tanks are manufactured with a sump, enabling complete discharge of the cargo. A spray bar is installed in all tanks, which allows better mixing of different products when tanks are being used for blending. A special device has been fitted to the frame allowing easy and safe installation of the ALBATROSS Sky GPS device, which can be mounted to the tanks upon customer request, not only to show the actual location of the tank once activated in ALBATROSS website, but also supplying data showing the logistic performance of the tanks.